Entrepreneur Extraordinaire Book

Felicia Streeter
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Learn how to build winning teams of subcontractors, vendors, and independent contractors so you can transition from a doer to the leader of your business. I’m also sharing my simple secret to creating systems and structures that support your business so you can get First and Tens, get out the Huddle and into Action along with more business building strategies.

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I finished reading your book, Entrepreneur Extraordinaire very insightful. I am very open to learning how to automated this business. - Shawn Perry

I received your book yesterday. Skipped directly to the Quarterbacking section. Letting go is the thing I have had the most problem doing. We” as a team, decided to be more hands off at the end of last year. Hasn’t completely happened yet, but I’m looking forward to rereading your section and passing the info through our group. - Jeff Currin

After reading your chapter "Quarterbacking Without Touching the Ball" I was immediately able to get rid of a lot of the stress and confusion around how to grow my business without having to do it all myself. I've known that I've needed to grow my team so that I can grow my business, but just the thought of having to put all of this in place made me almost sick.
But, your chapter broke things down so simple and easy to implement action steps. I don't feel so overwhelmed and I feel like I actually have the foundation steps I need now. I'm truly working on becoming the visionary leader of my business and soon to be my team. When you said, "If you have to touch or be involved with everything that goes on in your business, and no one has the authority to approve anything without you, you are no longer an entrepreneur - you have become your own employee" really hit home for me. So, using your system and amazing tips I will be creating my systems, delegating, and become less involved so that I can focus on income producing task. - Latrisha Jacobs
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Entrepreneur Extraordinaire Book

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